Potions: Practical Magic for Muggles

This hands-on class if for adults who wish they went to Hogwarts and want to learn about the practical magic all around them. Even Muggles can make potions, the plants around us are offering up all kinds of magic, we just have to be more patient with it. Learn to make potions to ward off foreign invaders (kill germs), arrest a cough, protect your personage, defend against aging, save your woolens and raise a glass to your health (yes, cocktails are magic potions).

You’ll create a protecting and immunostimulating herbal tissane, a pocket-sized vial of Four Thieves Smelling Salts, an anti-aging serum, a cure-all oil for minor skin afflictions and weaponry to us against the invasion of woolen eating pestilence. You’ll also learn about superfoods to enhance your health and we’ll end with a celebratory Mocktail or Cocktail and toast to our Good Health.

Saturday, October 26th, 1:00 to 4:30pm
Alchemologie Natural Perfume (aka Hogwarts Adult Education)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Potions: Practical Magic for Muggles
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