Perfumer Julianne Zaleta of Alchemologie Natural Perfume

Growing up in her mother’s garden in the midwest, Julianne Zaleta was always gathering flowers, drying blossoms, conjuring scents and mixing potions so it’s not surprising that she grew up to become a professional perfumer, aromatherapist & herbalist. Sole proprietor of her own company, Alchemologie Natural Perfumes, for years she has handcrafted artisanal scents & potions from the purest elements of nature. Julianne has trained with Mandy Aftel, Michael Scholes and Jeanne Rose.

Her products are handmade in her studio atelier in Brooklyn, NY.  Alchemologie is dedicated to producing high quality natural perfume made in small batches using the finest grade all natural ingredients. Great care is taken to ensure that these offerings are fresh, useful and pleasing. Every item is handcrafted from the freshest possible ingredients. Organics are used whenever possible with a keen awareness of sustainability. The packaging is simple and recyclable and minimal plastic.  And we never test on animals.

Perfumer Julianne Zaleta offers bespoke perfume consultations where clients can create their own signature scent. Having your own personal fragrance is the ultimate in customization, ensuring that you alone are wearing your favorite fragrance.

You can see more one of a kind colognes, extracts, hydrosols, herbal remedies, cocktail essences and vintage bottles in her Etsy store.