Fragrance has found its way into wedding festivities.


Wedding Perfume

A new trend in weddings is to create a perfume for the wedding day. There is a strong connection between scent and memory. A whiff of the fragrance you wore on your wedding day will instantly bring back memories of the day each time you smell it in the years to come.

Bridal Showers &
Bachelorette Parties


Making perfume is a lovely way to spend time with your favorite girlfriends.  Small gatherings of six or less can be hosted at Alchemologie, larger groups we can come to you!

Bridesmaid Gifts
& Wedding Favors

Adorable 5 and 8ml jewel bottles of your bespoke wedding perfume are perfect gifts for your attendants and guests.  You may also choose from our line of fine all natural perfumes to gift your friends and family.