Botanical Perfumes, Colognes, Extracts
& Herbal Remedies


Workshops in Natural Perfume Blending, Bespoke Perfume Consultations,
Private Classes, Fragrance Parties & Collaborations to
Create Perfumes for Special Occasions

Alchemologie Natural Perfume

Alchemologie is dedicated to producing high-quality natural perfume, made in small batches using the finest grade all-natural ingredients. Great care is taken to ensure that these offerings are fresh, useful and pleasing. Every item is hand-crafted from the freshest possible ingredients. Organics are used whenever possible with a keen awareness of sustainability. The packaging is simple and recyclable, no plastic containers are used.  And we never test on animals.

Perfumer Julianne Zaleta offers bespoke perfume consultations where clients can create their own signature scent.  Having your own personal fragrance is the ultimate in customization, ensuring that you alone are wearing your favorite fragrance.

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One of a kind colognes in vintage bottles, as well as extracts, tinctures, hydrosols & herbal remedies are for sale at



alchemologie, (al-kem-ol-o-gee) noun.  1. transforming raw materials into
perfume. 2. the study of alchemy