Winter Cocktail Tasting

Saturday, February 12th
4 - 6pm
Prospect Wine Shop
322 Seventh Ave. (btwn 8th and 9th)
Park Slope, Brooklyn
Cinnamon, star anise and oat/honey vodka are featured in this winter's cocktail selection.  Stop on by and sample The Arrow, an aphrodisiac blend of cinnamon vodka, homemade creme de cacao and jasmine essence.  Along those lines is also The Barry White which is made of star anise vodka, creme de cacao, pomegranate juice and blood orange essential oil.  Finally and quite by surprise is The Breakfast of Champions, a luscious concoction of oat and honey infused vodka with milk, chamomile water and sandalwood oil.  It's cold out, come have a drink!