Bespoke Skincare: Masks, Tones & Serums

Create your personalized skin regimen in this bespoke skin care treatment workshop.  Learn the benefits of oils, floral waters, herbs, clays and essential oils and choose the ingredients you feel are best suited to your needs to create your own bespoke skin care routine.  

Bespoke Skincare by Alchemologie

Put Your Best Face Forward

Want to make your own facial treatment but find that most diy recipes are hard to do on a routine basis? There are a lot of recipes out there and although I'm sure they all have terrific benefits I'm not going to use them regularly if I have to beat egg whites or mash pumpkins. I can get a lot of the same benefits from less fussy ingredients and they can easily be used on a daily basis. Regular use can have a direct impact on the health of your skin.

You'll leave with a bottle of toner, a jar of clay mask and a vial of serum to heal, nourish and replenish your skin. You'll also know how to recreate your potions and change them as your needs change.

Gift certificates available!

creating clay masks for bespoke skincare

bespoke skincare

Saturday, September 29th, 1-4:30 or
Saturday, November 18th, 1-4:30

Bespoke Skincare: Masks, Toners and Serums
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