A Rose is a Rose;
Creating Rose Based Natural Perfumes

Rose is the ultimate heart note.  They are one of the most beautiful and praised flowers, valued for centuries in many cultures, and have been cultivated and hybridized worldwide. 

lush roses for rose perfumes

Smell the roses, literally, and you find a nuanced, multi-layered cornucopia of fragrant notes, evolving, tingling, provoking. Roses have ingredients which give fruity nuances of apple and plum. Smell deeply and you will find notes that resemble liqueur or powder or sometimes wine. After all rose can take on a myriad of nuances: from soft and powdery, to childlike and tender, to green and dewy, to nectarous, honeyed and fruity all the way to dark, angular and gothic.


Several rose absolutes and concretes will be on hand as well as a few geranium materials to choose from. A nice selection of precious woods, resins and spices are available to work with as well.  We also have on hand a range of samples of vintage classic and niche perfumes featuring the rose in all of its glory. 

roses for natural perfume

painting of rose
a rose is a rose class in natural perfumery by alchemologie

Saturday, June 22nd,
1:00 to 4:30pm
Park Slope, Brooklyn

This advanced class will be a real exploration of the prized flower and it’s versatility. You will create two perfumes in class; one first attempt and one revision. It’s a good idea to bring your notes from earlier classes, all other materials will be provided.

a rose is a rose natural perfume class by alchemologie